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How To Add Email Contact Form To Your Blogger Blog

by Unknown | Wednesday, May 23, 2012 | 9 Comments

Email contact form is very important to all bloggers, it helps your readers to keep in touch with you, some readers may find it difficult to login to their email and drop you a message, but with this contact form on your blog/site, readers will have easy access to contact you.
There are lots of great site that offers free email contact form, but am currently using foxyform. they render there form as javascript which is compatible with blogger blog while some render their form as PHP script, which is not compatible with blogger blog.

How to add the contact form

Go to foxyform.com , provide your email address on there site. you will be given some code, copy this code.
Login to your blogger dashboard.
Click on "New Post" > "Edit Pages" > "NEW PAGE"
Choose any title you want to give your contact page and click "Edit HTML" paste the code you copied from foxyform in the box and click "PUBLISH PAGE"
Go to your homepage click on your contact page and test if it works. message sent from your contact page will be send directly into your email account.

Other sites that offers contact form include

  1. 123contactform.com
  2. emailmeform.com 
  3. freedback.com 
hope this help, take few minute to share this and subscribe to this blog. feel free to use the comment box if you have anything to ask or say.

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