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How To Submit your Blog/Site Sitemap to Bing Webmaster Tools

by Unknown | Sunday, May 20, 2012 | 6 Comments

Submitting your blog Sitemap to bing webmaster tools will set your blog url on both bing and yahoo search engines, since yahoo have partner with bing which make work to be more easier to all bloggers.
in my previous post, have discuss on how to add your blog/site url to google search listings, and how to submit your blog/site sitemap map to google via webmaster tools. which will also help you to drag a real true traffic to your blog.

Lets get started :

Before you submit your blog site map, you must have add your blog/site url to bing and yahoo search engine.

  1. Go to : http://www.bing.com/toolbox/webmaster and sign in with your live/hotmail id.
  2. Click on "Webmasters Tools Sign In"
  3. Click on the site you want to submit its site map.
  4. Click on "Crawl" , click "Sitemaps (XML, Atom, RSS)"
  5. Click "Add Feed" button
  6. In the next window that pop up, type atom.xml in the box as shown below.


    7. Click "Submit".

Ping Yahoo and Bing

It is important for you to ping yahoo and bing to complete your task, your newly updated post will be indexed, after pinging the search engine. don't ping the search engine frequently which can get you banned form their search listings.
To ping your blog, simply follow the few steps below.

Copy and paste the links below into your browser and click enter, replace the highlighted portion with your blog url.

If your total number of post is between 1-500, use the link below


If your total number of post is between 500-1000, use the code below


If your total number of post is between 1000- 1500, use the link below


Change the highlighted url above to your blog url and launch it in your browser, you will receive a notification message, saying "Thanks for submitting your sitemap". then you have successfully pinged their search engines.

To confirm if your links are appearing.

Go to yahoo and bing, copy any of your post url and paste in there search bar. If your link doesn't appear it in there search bar, it means you have to wait for 5 days from your date of submission, or you are having in-sufficient post. you must a minimum number of 15 post in your dashboard.
If nothing shows up after 5 days, ping them again and wait for at most 2 days, if its still the same, remove your blog/site url from bing webmaster tools and resubmit it again. ping them after your submission.

To submit your blog/site to other search engine with free automated tools

If you have any new post update or maybe you make any changes, it is good for you to notify other search engine to increase your chance of getting into the first list in search engine.

Below are automated tools to ping your blog url.
  1. Pingoat
  2. Pingomatic
  3. Freewebsubmission 
  4. Submitexpress 
Hope you find this article useful, if you have anything to say or ask use the comment box below.
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