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10 Tips On How To Improve Your Alexa Rank

by Unknown | Sunday, June 10, 2012 | 4 Comments

Finding a way to improve your alexa ranking as been so difficult for some new bloggers, after a lot of research, i came across some great tips that will surely help you in improving your ranking, this site global ranking was 20,000,000+ before , but when i found the secrete behind alexa ranking, my site ranking started increasing day-by-day.  alexa ranking is base on blog popularity and data collected by alexa user over a period of past three month, site's with good alexa ranking will rank high in search engines.

How To Improve Alexa Ranking

Below are some basic tips on how you can improve you alexa ranking.
  1. Install Alexa Toolbar : Installing alexa toolbar will help you to increase your ranking in the sense that, data collected via alexa toolbar. will be use to determine your site rank.
  2. Install Alexa Widget : You can install this on your homepage, i doesn't guarantee you that this will increase your alexa ranking, but it worth trying, you can install one here.
  3. Claim Your Blog At Alexa : Your site can be claim by uploading a text file or meta tag code into your template, for tips on how to do that read how to submit your blog to alexa.
  4. Encourage Visitor's : Encourage your visitor's to write a review about your site and install alexa toolbar, if you readers install alexa toolbar and come on this site, alexa ranking will increase, and you can write a review for this site here.
  5. Write Quality Content : You must provide your readers with good quality content if you are really want your readers to glue to your site, which will provide you huge traffic.
  6. Write About Alexa : According to the research i gathered, writing effective articles about alexa, will help in increasing your ranking.
  7. Comment On Blog : Commenting on do follow blog with commentluv, will provide you a backlink which will help you drag traffic to your blog and increasing your alexa ranking.
  8. Submit Blog/Site URL To Search Engines : Submit your blog to search engines and receive a huge traffic from them.you can read the below articles on how to submit your blog or site to some search engines. Submit your blog/site url to google search listing, Submit your blog/site url to bing and yahoo search engine, Submit your blog/site sitemap to ask.com
  9. Use Social Sharing Tools : Provide your readers with social sharing tools, for them to be able to share your content with friend's and followers, which will help you to drag traffic to your blog.
  10. Participate In Forums : Join webmaster forums and include a link to your site, this will also help you to drive traffic to your blog/site, and increase your alexa ranking.
Hope this should help you to increase your alexa ranking, if you have more tips/tricks, kindly drop it in the comment box, and if you find the article useful, take few seconds to share it.

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  1. All great suggestions. Another method of improving Alexa rank is to write about the topics that people are searching Alexa for. If you have the Alexa toolbar installed then you will see current trends (similar to Google trends) if any of these fit your niche, write about them asap so that you can attract Alexa toolbar users to your site.


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