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HTML5 Properties You May Not Be Acquainted With

by Unknown | Thursday, September 18, 2014 | 11 Comments

The little squeezes and spreads that HTML5 has been powering the web solutions with over the years has already perched it among the most hotly pursued web development platforms. Giving the web developers and web designers a considerable cause for pause, HTML5 comes blazing with features and capabilities that are transformation in nature. And thus, it has helped enterprises to power their way ahead formidably and dominantly.

However, there is a ragtag of conceptions and misconceptions going around, under the pile of which, certain must-understand points are finding it a struggle to get through.

HTML5 is a Sum of its Parts

One fallacy that a majority of web developers and even users are under that using HTML5 is a risky proposition since it is not supported by browsers as a whole. That however, is wrong since HTML5 is not one separate entity in its own. It's rather a combination of multitude of features a large chunk of which can indeed work in unison with older browsers. There is no such thing as HTML5 support.
While the angle brackets and tags do form the fiber of HTML5, but this platform dictates the interaction between the angle brackets and JavaScript, and this interaction is facilitated by the Document Object Model.

Now, when it comes to the video format support, you can find a DOM API that can be effectively used to make sure that the major video formats are supported. Also, keeping track becomes easier and you have the wherewithal to enhance the user experience when it comes to using the video tag.

HTML4 is Not a Dinosaur, Not Yet

While there have been extreme sets of feedback to HTML4, there is no arguing that as a markup format, it is pretty much unrivaled. HTML5 only takes it forward by injecting some innovations of its own.

If you are under the impression that you have to unlearn what you learned so far with HTML5, you are widely off the mark. The same markup can be used to use the same web applications. All that has happened now is that you have functionally a better platform to work with. Take the case of the input controls, the controls in HTML4 are supported by HTML5 in their entirety, and in addition to that, HTML5 makes available to you some more controls for your consideration.

You Don't Need an Intricate Setup to Get Going

As iterated before, migrating from HTML4 to HTML5 comes easy and without any fuss. Now, with the previous versions of HTML, there were way too many doctypes and you were compelled to choose one among them. HTML5 makes this choice abundantly easy now. So, there is nothing like:

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//XYZ//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN"

Instead, you can go ahead and include only this:

<!DOCTYPE html>

It has Indeed Made its Mark

If you thought it's on its way to make the beginnings since there are doubts over its support, you probably haven't received the memo yet. HTML5 is powering applications of the highest functional standards already. It is supported canvas, videos, dynamic forms and even offline-executable web applications.

Canvas is a feature that is being seized by a keen desire by the webmasters of the world, and the browsers supporting it are only growing in number. The major Internet browsers that include Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and other browsers that work in the mobile environment are supporting this feature and that alone is worth the price of admission. With browser compatibility not a problem, HTM5 surely is taking giant strides on the compatibility turf.

Yes, There is Something it Has Gotten Rid Of – Type

This one always made the code unwieldy not just to use, but also to understand. Finally, we can bid goodbye to the 'Type' attribute that has been used extensively for the scripts and links.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="path/to/stylesheet.css" />
<script src="path/to/script.js"></script>

All said and analyzed, something that can be easily deduced is that HTML5 has created a niche for itself and it is here to stick around until something bigger and better comes along. As for those looking to get into the thick of HTML5, step right in.

Samuel Dawson is an expert writer cum blogger. He is working for Designs2html Ltd. - A leading PSD to WordPress conversion service company. He has written many research articles on converting HTML site to Wordpress theme website. He  likes sharing insights about Wordpress related services.

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