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Detection Techniques to Check Browser Support For HTML5 Features

by Unknown | Saturday, October 18, 2014 | 72 Comments

Any website is built with a common goal in mind: to make it work according to the latest specifications and web trends. Since the mobile Internet usage is growing with each passing day, it is becoming needful for site owners to develop a site that is optimized for mobile users. And HTML5 provides the potential to build mobile websites. This is why, HTML5 web development is becoming the most popular web trend used by webmasters around the world.

HTML5 introduced a lot of new and cool functionalities including some great semantic elements, audio and video support and the canvas tag. However, some old browsers don't provide support for HTML5, and thus you may think how to adopt HTML5 if your users don’t have HTML5-compatible browsers. But that's not what you should be thinking, as it is a misleading thought. Remember that the browsers that support HTML5 means that they support different features of it; and rather than detecting whether “browsers support HTML5”, you should detect if the new HTML5 functionality is supported in the browsers or not.

This post will help you explore how to detect browser support for the new HTML5 elements.

An Overview of the Detection Techniques

When a web page is rendered by a web browser, a Document Object Model (DOM) is created. A DOM is a collection of objects that specifies the HTML elements by a different object. Some of those elements include <p> tag, <span> tag and a few other tags. All of the DOM objects boasts a common set of properties, however certain objects may have more properties compared to others. Most importantly, browsers that support HTML5 features will contains some DOM objects having unique properties. And so, looking at the DOM will most likely help you know about the features that the browsers support.

Below is a list of four basic techniques that will help you detect whether a browser supports HTML5 feature or not.

1. Technique to identify whether a particular property exists on a “global object” such as window or navigator. For example, below is a function that helps to verify whether the browser supports geolocation or not.

function supports_geolocation() {
return !!navigator.geolocation;

2. Technique that allows users to create an element, and then test whether a certain property is governed by that element. This technique is quite useful to check for canvas support.

function supports_canvas() {
return !!document.createElement('canvas').getContext;

3. Third technique also help create an element, and verify if a certain method is characterized by that element or not. Next, call the method to find out the value it returns. For example, using this technique you can test video formats that are supported by a browser.

function supports_x123_baseline_video() {
if (!supports_video()) { return false; }
var m = document.createElement("video");
return m.canPlayType('video/mp3; codecs="avc1.42E01E, mp3a.40.2"');

4. You can use a detection technique that let you create an element, which is followed by setting a property for a certain value, and then testing whether the property has retained its value or not. For example, check out which <input> types are supported. 

var v = document.createElement("input_value");
v.setAttribute("type", "color");
return v.type !== "text";

A Look Into Modernizr – HTML5 Feature Detection Library

Modernizr JavaScript library is touted as the most viable solution for detecting support for HTML5 features. It uses the advanced JavaScript object detection techniques to check whether the current browser has implemented HTML5 and CSS3 features or not. This feature detection library makes it convenient for you to discover what can and cannot do with your current browser.

In order to use this library, you will have to incorporate the below mentioned <script> element in your page <head> section:

<!DOCTYPE html>
  <meta charset="utf-8">
  <title>Detect Browser Support for HTML5 Features</title>
  <script src="modernizr.min.js"></script>

You do not need to run Modernizr manually and there's no modernizr_init() function that you'll need to call. Rather it runs automatically and creates a global object called as “Modernizr” that uses boolean properties for each feature that it tests. For example, in case your current browser supports the “canvas API” HTML5 feature, then the Modernizr.canvas property will return true. But, if the browser doesn't support canvas API, then the Modernizr.canvas property will return false.

if (Modernizr.canvas) {
  // draw some shapes!
} else {
  // native canvas support is not available

Note: Since the Modernizr detection library version keeps on updating, make sure to use the latest one to get optimal results.

Let's Wrap Up!

HTML5 is widely used for web development today, especially it is used by business entities that want to build a functional website that help them stay competitive in today's mobile marketplace. However, a lot of users still don't use browsers that support HTML5 functionality. And thus, while developing in HTML5 it becomes imperative to test whether the browser that your users are using supports the HTML5 features or not.

Amy Brown is a web developer by profession, a writer by hobby and works for WordPrax Ltd., a WordPress development services company. She loves sharing information regarding WordPress customization tips & tricks.

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