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Add Drop Shadow Effect To Pictures/Images Online - 3 Ways

by Unknown | Friday, July 20, 2012 | 3 Comments

There is a lot of site that offer tools to add a drop shadow effect to image, but am going to share with you three site where you can easily add a drop shadow effect to your pictures without using any software.
Compare the difference between the two image below, before and after shadow effect was added.

Original Image

Image Result

Site That Offer Drop Shadow Effect Tool

    1.  Lunapic
  This is an online tool that offer a lot of effect which can apply to images, all you just need to do is to upload your image and give it any effect you like from their tool bar. you can upload image from facebook, pisaca, flickr, photobucket, and also directly from your computer, and the maximum image size supported is 50000Kb (50Mb) To add a drop shadow effect to your picture, simply upload your image and click on "Draw" from the toolbar, choose "Add DropShadow" and download your new edited image.

    2.  Pic Shadow
  Pic shadow perform a single function, just upload your image and it will automatically add a shadow effect to your image, and the maximum image size supported is 2000Kb (2Mb). But there are some cases you don't need to use this if you have photoshop, because it already have built-in tool which you can use to add a drop shadow effect to your pictures, but if you are looking for something faster and easier, then consider using this.

    3. DropShadowz
  DropShadowz perform almost the same function with pic shadow, but the difference between the two is that, you can switch from one effect to the other on dropshadowz, but on pic shadow, you can only perform one action. it support jpg, gif, png format and the maximum image size you can upload is 300Kb.

That's all, you can bookmark those site for easy usage. keep uploading and enjoy more of drop shadows effect.

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